KCS Inspectors of Record have the highest level of certification granted by the California Division of State Architect for the inspection of large institutional projects. Inspectors are certified by the California Division of State Architect, OSHPD, ICC, and are licensed to inspect Welding, Steel Erection, Concrete, Masonry, Shot-crete, Wood Framing, Mechanical, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Fireproofing, Roofing, Waterproofing and trades involved in the construction of typical building projects.

KCS has a formal process for the inspection of large projects which includes constructability reviews, pre-construction conferences, coordination meetings, review of work in progress, inspection sign-off, digital record photographs, record as-builts, and early project close-out. Our experience working with most of the large southern California architectural firms has provided us the opportunity to become familiar with a wide variety of construction types.

Inspection Services: DSA Project Inspectors / OSHPD / Special Inspectors / QA-QC / Project Close-out / Change Order Analysis / T&M Tracking / Constructability / As-builts / Testing Schedules / Prepare RFQ’s and analysis of Testing Laboratory Proposals.


KCS can assist Districts with the close-out of old projects by tracking data and acting as a liaison with DSA and Architects. KCS will represent the District to the Division of State Architect to research histories and provide the least costly and most efficient means of attaining compliance. KCS has also assisted clients in documenting non-compliant installations for claims and project settlement agreements.


KCS has provided Quality Assurance / Quality Control for school districts, public entities, institutions and private parties. KCS wrote one of the prototype Quality Control Testing Programs for Los Angeles Unified School District. A good QA/QC Engineer is part superintendent, part inspector and part project engineer. As a part of the team, KCS will know the plans, be proactive in review of submittals, and work with the superintendent to prepare all trades to be ready for the timely and proper installation of materials so there are no last minute surprises, re-work of installations, or delays in the schedule.

KCS has a formal process for the implementation of Quality Assurance / Quality Control plans. The Engineer is backed by an administrative staff, architects, and certified inspectors.